Behind the Badge edition 1

June 11, 2016  •  3 Comments

A badge represents honor, integrity, service and dedication.

The men and women who wear a badge made a courageous decision to dedicate their lives protecting people in their community.

Behind every badge is a human being, just like me and you. A real person with emotions, feelings, families, likes, dislikes and even their very own flaws. All too often, society seems to forget that.

A small, but growing, part of the public sees law enforcement officers as just a badge, a uniform, a superhuman, and unfortunately sometimes an enemy. A big reason for this... influence from movies and media. Most civilians have very little knowledge of what a police officer actually does on the job.

While I don't know everything that happens on the job, I can tell you that most of them have seen unimaginable things, things that no human being should ever have to see. They sweat, bleed, and even cry for people that they don't even know. They wear a badge to serve a public that at times can appear thankless and ungrateful. Despite that, they still answer every call for help. 

My purpose in this post is to remind you that these police officers are not just a badge or a uniform. They are not superhumans. They are just regular people that go above and beyond to keep peace in our community. They are your neighbors and friends.

I ask that you please take the time to say thank you. Honor those brave selfless individuals. For those who dedicate their lives to protecting you.

Sgt. Francis & K9 Officer Loeki

































"I am a mother, teacher, daughter, friend, and wife of a police officer. I was never a girl who swooned over the man in uniform (until now). I certainly never saw myself marrying one. In the past they were the guys who had written me a fair share of speeding tickets through high school and college and who I kept an eye in my rear view mirror for. While they did cost me some money and ultimately slowed me down in my early driving years (probably saving my life), I always respected them, I respected them in a normal, appreciative citizen kind of way. But then when my high school sweet heart (who had aspirations of becoming an electrician or Physician's Assistant) took a part time job as a police officer working nights to attend college during the day something happened. He accidentally found his passion- police work. He's changed departments, been promoted, handled the K9 (who now loves in my house and is part of our family), been awarded, been disrespected, solved cases, seen things nobody should have to see, and continues to make the city of Marion proud. He continues to make his family proud too. Together we have a 2 year old, Maxwell. Being police family isn't easy. Justin works all night, sleeps all day, works holidays and weekends, suffers from constant worry (locking the house up like Fort Knox and never having his back to the door in a public place), has high blood pressure, chronic back pain (related to the duties of the job), and deals with constant public scrutiny and blame. Yet somehow, "turns the cop off" when he walks in the door, takes his gigantic duty belt off, and puts on his husband and daddy belt (so to speak).He is an amazing husband and takes such excellent care of his family, he goes above and beyond in all he does. When frustration sometimes sets in (about his schedule most times) and I feel like we've both had enough of the lifestyle this career entails and ask him about pursuing a different job or degree the answer is always the same "I love my job, I don't want to do anything else." I can't say I feel the same way- loving his job....but at the same time I do my best to support him always. It is hard going to sleep at night with an empty side in my giant bed while my husband is inserting himself in dangerous situations. It is harder hearing sirens screaming through town and then him not answering his cell phone that I'm frantically calling to see if he's ok. But the hardest part I think for me is knowing how hard he works, knowing how much he cares, knowing how much danger he's put in...for the public and media then to constantly ridicule, criticize, and spread inaccurate information about cases/circumstances they have no clue about. My man in blue has my heart- he's a husband, daddy, son, friend, and police officer. Max and I will be behind him no matter what. All police are just people...regular people....who happen to be braver, stronger, and more passionate about their communities and safety than most. But they are also a brotherhood, one that is strong and that trickles down into the families. I know the personal phone numbers of 75% of the officers and staff Justin works with (I could call them for anything), our kids play, we get together on days off, and they are a huge part of our life and social circle. LEOs and children and wives of LEOs are in this together. We bleed blue, we kiss our daddies and husbands in uniform goodbye every night (or day) and just pray for their safety while they are gone, to their.....JOB" - Sarah Francis














Please stay tuned for the next edition of Behind the Badge


Sara Holst(non-registered)
First responders play such an important role in today's society. Thank you for sharing thoughts and feelings to both families, the Francis and Reynolds. In light of the violence in Orlando today, I pray for all first responders and the duty they fill! Thank you!
Lorna Francis(non-registered)
Justin is my son and I couldn't be more proud of him. Constant worry does come daily but knowing he is doing what he loves makes it easier. Thank you for showing the public that the ones who serve and protect them are no different than they are. you did an awesome job with the article and photos
Thank you for these beautiful wards .. I can only hope and pray for safety for all ...
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